Lucas Oil SuperBugs are the stepping stone class to the faster traffic. All components are based from early model VW beetles. It’s a historic class that gives exactly the same package to all of the drivers. ORANZ Class 7 – all specifications are as per ORANZ rulebook.

Please Note: Mixed Classes will be handicapped during Heat races to provide close final laps between differing Classes in Group. Group make-up may be adjusted on the day to maintain racer numbers on the track.

#730   Name:   Dave Maggs.
Brand:  Cougar, Engine: 1200cc VW, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights:  WDTC Forest Series 2020, CMORC Counties Classic.
Sporting History: .
Sponsors: TreePro, Rangitoto Motors , Hydro FX.

#714   Name: Emma McKinstry.
Brand: , Engine: 1200cc VW, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights: None listed.
Sporting History: School Moto Cross.
Sponsors: Mac Deisel Services.