BSL Racing Kiwitrucks – where it all began for so many of our young racers, now taking victories in other racing groups. These are identical race carts. Down on power and lacking a gearbox. The KiwiTruck gives thrills and spills and real race craft a time to shine. ORANZ Class J – all specifications are as per ORANZ rulebook.

Please Note: Mixed Classes will be handicapped during Heat races to provide close final laps between differing Classes in Group. Group make-up may be adjusted on the day to maintain racer numbers on the track.

#J81   Name: Reeve Giddy.
Brand: KiwiTruck, Engine: 270cc, Injected.
Offroad Racing Highlights: 2018 North Island 2nd J Class, 2019 North Island 3rd J Class.
Sporting History: Offroad Racing.
Sponsors: JG Civil, E&H Motors.

#J150  Name: Asher Morgan.
Brand: KiwiTruck, Engine: 270cc, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights:  1st Counties Classic 2019/2020.
Sporting History: – 
Sponsors:  KaiserBaas.

#J54  Name: Lucy McKay.
Brand: KiwiTruck, Engine: 270cc, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights: -.
Sporting History: –
Sponsors:  –


#J31  Name: Lachlan McWatt.
Brand: TrophyKart, Engine: 270cc, – 
Offroad Racing Highlights: -.
Sporting History: Rugby League
Sponsors: McWatt Group Ltd


#J72  Name: Lily Williams.
Brand: KiwiTruck, Engine: Honda,  
Offroad Racing Highlights: This is her first race ever.
Sporting History: – 
Sponsors: Hydrovac, Cougar Race Cars