Mickey Thompson New Zealand Polaris Offroad Grand Prix 2022 is a one day championship.

Saturday 19 November – Race Day

Racing  Format:

Race grids are 2 wide. All races are “Rolling Starts”.


10:30am Driver’s Briefing

11am – 1 x Look-Laps, followed by 2 x Green Flag practice laps, ending with a chequered Flag and a return to the pits. All racing classes on track. (Kiwi-Trucks do the same separately).

12:00pm – Two qualifying Heat Races per race field x 4 laps duration.
Heat One lines up with the first to enter event on pole and the last or late entries on the back row.
Heat Two lines up in the inverse order. The front to the back and the back to the front.

Highest Points scorer from combined Heat races starts the New Zealand Offroad Grand Prix Championship Semi Main on Pole.

NZ Offroad Grand Prix Championship:

A 7 lap Semi Main race that will decide the NZ
Offroad Grand Prix Class Champions. All of these races will feature a Competition Caution Yellow.
The accumulated points from the Qualifying, Semi-Main and the Feature Races will determine the Overall NZ Offroad Grand Prix Champion*.

The Feature Racing in five race groups.
Starting positions determined by Semi Main finishing order in reverse, for each racing group within the feature race. All Feature Races will include a Competition Caution and are 10 laps duration. Pro1, Pro2, Pro4 and Prolite Championship race will be 12 laps.
Competition Caution: In the second half of the race, the track will go yellow and the field will form up, two wide, in the race order at that point . When the Clerk of the Course is satisfied the race order is correct and the field has bunched the yellow flags will be withdrawn and as the field approached the Start/Finish the green flag will be waved and the remaining  laps will be raced.

Feature Races

There will be 5 Feature Races. These races will be scheduled as follows:

Feature Race 1 ( 10  Lap Feature):

All KiwiTruck Groups (with exception of Super450)

Feature Race 2 (10 Lap Feature):

LiteBuggy, Challenger & SuperBug Racing Groups

Feature Race 3 (10  Lap Feature):

All Ultra4 and Ultra 2 Racing Groups

Feature Race 4 (10  Lap Feature):


Feature Race 5 (12  Lap Feature):

All Pro1, Pro2, Pro4 and ProLite Groups