Race grids are 2 wide.

All races are “Rolling Starts”.

Each racing Group will have a minimum of 9 cars. Groups with lower numbers will be handicapped into the closest racing Group as determined by race organiser.

Heat Racing

First Heat Race in each Group will be determined by “First entries received” for Grid Positions. Earliest entry gets Pole position.

Second Heat will form in the inverse order of the first grid.

Third Heat (12 February 2022 event only). Grid will be decided by officials to shuffle the pack. Allowing “fresh faces” on front rows and at the rear of the field.

Last Heat of the day is the Semi Main

The Last Heat is a “Semi Main”. The fastest finishers, determined by Heat 1, Heat 2 and 3, to the front with the fastest 6 inverting their starting order eg: fastest starts at grid position 6, second fastest on grid 5, third fastest on grid 4 etc.

In ORANZ National Championship configuration (12 February event) this race will have same number of laps as it is Heat 4 of the day.

Heat racing on 26 February event

At the Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Offroad Championship 2022 with ARB FINAL on 26 February, there will be 2 Heat Races and a Semi Main for all racing Groups. Semi Main starting positions determined by fastest order from heat races. Fastest to Grid 6, second fastest to Grid 5 etc. Semi Main distance to be determined by track officials and notified at Drivers Briefing. 

These races collect points for the Championship, which will be added to points collected at the 12 February Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Offroad Championship 2022 with ARB. After the Championship Heat and Semi Main racing will come the Feature Races, as follows:

Feature Races (26 February only).

There will be 4 Feature Races. These races will be scheduled as follows:

Feature Race 1 ( 6 Lap Feature):
All KiwiTruck Groups (with exception of Super450)

Feature Race 2 (10 Lap Feature):
All Ultra Racing Groups

Feature Race 3 (10 Lap Feature):

All ProBuggy, LiteBuggy, Challenger and SuperBug Racing Groups

Feature Race 4 (10 Lap Feature):

All Pro1, Pro2, Pro4 and ProLite Groups

Please Note: Mixed Classes will be handicapped during Heat races to provide close final laps between differing Classes in Group. Group make-up may be adjusted on the day to maintain racer numbers on the track.