BSL Racing Modifieds – graduating from KiwiTruck to Modified has provided young drivers a simple modification to keep racing and to hone there craft. Now with more horsepower and a sequential gearbox the KiwiTruck suddenly got faster and much more dynamic. ORANZ Class M – all specifications are as per ORANZ rulebook.

Please Note: Mixed Classes will be handicapped during Heat races to provide close final laps between differing Classes in Group. Group make-up may be adjusted on the day to maintain racer numbers on the track.

#ST2   Name: Arron Crabb.
Brand: Kiwitruck, Engine: 250cc Shinray, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights: Racing for 5 years J Class & ST Class.
Sporting History: -.
Sponsors: Crabb Racing, OnTrack Fabrication.

#ST1, NZ2   Name: Holly Russell.
Brand: Kiwitruck, Engine: 250cc Shinvay, Carburettor.
Offroad Racing Highlights:NZ2 Juniors 2019, NZ1 J Class 2019.
Sporting History: Racing Kiwitrucks for 5 years J & ST Class, Rugby, North Harbour Touch rep team, Started with Motorcross at age 4.
Sponsors: Russell Motorsport, Cougar Racecars.