2023 Mickey Thompson New Zealand Stadium Offroad Championship – 11 March 2023

HydroVac KiwiTruck
1st: J31 Lachlan McWatt
2nd: J11 Jack Rice
3rd: J26 Zac Rowberry

HyroVac Modified
1st: M54 Asher Morgan
2nd: M71 Levi Kennedy
3rd: M29 Vincent Joy

Lucas Oil SuperBug
1st: Aaron Crabbe

Lucas Oil LiteBuggy
1st: 551 Holly Russell
2nd: 518 Geoff Matich
3rd: 574 Aaron Hogg-Medlock

Ct Civil Challenger
1st: C14 Emma McKinstry
2nd: C63 Matthew Bishop
3rd: C01 Dave Maggs

Polaris Ultra4Turbo
1st: S22 Carl Ruiterman
2nd: S40 Steven Stokes
3rd: S75 Aaron Rogers

ARB Ultra4
1st: U31 Shane McWatt
2nd: U18 Cam Paton
3rd: U63 Matthew Bishop

ARB Ultra2
1st: 1082 Ed Hiestand

ENZED ProBuggy
1st: 333 Brendon Old
2nd: 393 Mark Goldstone
3rd: 377 Mike Gibson

Cooper Tires ProLite
1st: 861 Nick Hall
2nd: 841 Ricky May
3rd: 843 Bruce McKeown

Federal Tyres Pro 1
1st: 196 Justin Davies
2nd: 169 Paul Eayrs


Class 1  – Federal Tires Pro1
1st 193 Daynom Templeman
2nd 196 Justin Davies
3rd 169 Paul Eayrs

Class 3  – ENZED ProBuggy
1st 310 Connor Nicklin
2nd 393 Mark Goldstone
3rd 356 Shaun Dickens

Class 5  – Lucas Oil LiteBuggy
1st 551 Holly Russell
2nd 574 Aaron Hogg-Medlock
3rd 517 Nick Magness

Class 8 – Cooper Tires ProLite/Repco Pro2/Carlton Party Hire Pr04
1st 861 Nick Hall
2nd 887 Nick Leahy
3rd 843 Bruce McKeown

Class 9  – Federal Tires Pro1
1st 900 Arnold Jones

Class 10  – ARB Ultra2
1st 1082 Ed Hiestand
2nd 1099 Alex mcIndoe

Class C  – CT Civil Challenger
1st C63 Matthew Bishop
2nd C14 Emma McKinstry
3rd C04 Steve Hughes

Class U  – ARB Ultra4
1st U18 Cam Paton
2nd U87 Dyson Delahunty
3rd U31 Shane McWatt

Class S  – Polaris Ultra4Turbo
1st S22 Carl Ruiterman
2nd S75 Aaron Rogers
3rd S83 Scott Munro

Class J  – Hydrovac KiwiTruck
1st J26 Zac Rowberry
2nd J72 Lily Williams
3rd J31 Lachlan McWatt

Class M  – Hydrovac Modified
1st M54 Asher Morgan
2nd M58 Luke Rowberry
3rd M10 Enzo Hackett


R E S U L T S :
2022 Mickey Thompson New Zealand Offroad Grand Prix – 19 November – Manukau International Offroad Stadium.

The Mickey Thompson New Zealand Offroad Grand Prix Overall

1st Overall U22 (NZ1) Carl Ruiterman
2nd Overall C31 Regan Stuart
3rd Overall 861 Nick Hall

HydroVac KiwiTrucks

1st J26 Zac Rowberry
2nd J31 Lachlan McWatt
3rd J72 Lily Williams

HydroVac Modifieds

1st M58 Luke Rowberry
2nd ST4 Asher Morgan
3rd ST3 Reeve Giddy

Lucas Oil SuperBug

1st 726 Jack Helier
2nd 700 Aaron Crabb

Lucas Oil LiteBuggy

1st 551 Holly Russell
2nd 501 Luke Ryan
3rd = 517 Nick Magness
3rd = 584 Bradley Scott

CT Civil Challenger

1st C31 Regan Stuart
2nd C21 Ollie McCall
3rd C04 Steve Hughes

Polaris Ultra4Turbo

1st S93 Daynom Templeman
2nd NZ2 Joel Giddy

Voodoo Molly Ultra2

1st 1082 Ed Hiestand

E&H Motors Ultra4Pro

1st USA1 Hamish Kelsey

ENZED ProBuggy

1st 333 Brendon Old
2nd 310 Connor Nicklin
3rd 355 Lindsay Pointon

E&H Motors Ultra4

1st U22 Carl Ruiterman
2nd U66 Roger McKay
3rd U31 Shane McWatt

HydroVac Super450

1st E21 Lincoln Whiddett

Cooper Tires ProLite

1st 861 Nick Hall
2nd 841 Ricky May

Repco Pro2

1st 863 Leigh Bishop

Carlton Party Hire Pro4

1st 816 Joel Giddy
2nd 890 Boston Morgan-Horan

Federal Tyres Pro1

1st 151 Shaun Russell
2nd 144 Brad Harvey
3rd 196 Justin Davies